Harley-Davidson forty eight test ride and I decided to buying a 48.

The first time I saw a real of the new Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight at dealer, I was smitten.

The impression is not forgotten. It was much pretty cool!

I tried riding Harley-Davidson and sports star, XL1200X  today.

There were many people that look for their motorcycle  at Harley-Davidson dealer. I suspected the world going to be Deflation? or not?.
It is because the Harley-Davidson dealer was gathering the visitor.

Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle of 1.5 times as many prices, in Japan.

I told the female salesclerk that I would like to test ride Harley-Davidson 48.

Please show me license,she said. And I take out the pocket,Yesterday I get it!  I said.
It can ride on all the motorcycles!

Since my height is 162 cm, the position of a leg is such touch in case of forward control.

My legs was completely extended at the steps.
Moreover, it is not generous.

My legs reaches the ground exactly.

Let's go to test ride, feeling uneasy.

Since the sheet was low, it settled down very much and operation was completed.

It is a torque full engine.
My body will be brought to back shortly after turning an Accelerator just for a moment.

Since a leg could not reach a foot brake when stopping at the first signal, it was quite dangerous the rear brake did not work.

Position which sits down was changed after that and the position of the leg was adjusted somehow, and after the leg had arrived, it operated.
Also for safety, it was thought after all that mid control was required.

Forward control is cool style,but Safety First is important.

The test ride was completed and I decided to buying a forty eight.
Of course, it order with an option  mid control!

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