harley davidson 48 XL1200X big blue parl or 883 night star ?

It has been three weeks since large-sized motorcycle license was acquired, but I would like to ride on a motorbike early very much.

I decide on the Harley purchase at this weekend.

I cannot ride,if I don't buy a motor cycle. And it decided, but My mind wavers,forty eight or night star.
Let's compare two types.

Performance does not change mostly.

On a touring, a night star with much tank capacity may be advantageous.

As for the left forty eight, gasoline(petrol) enter only 7.9L.

But this peanut tank is pretty cool and cute.

Forty eight's front and rear wheel with fat tire is pretty good,too.

A big difference is a posture of operation.
Forty eight is forward control, And  I must choose mid control, a leg does not arrive at front step and rear brake. Because I am short.(165cm)

can't Short people choose forty eight? 

No, there is a method. Forty eight's forward control can exchanges  to mid control.
The price of the expense is about 1,000 dollars.(800euro)

I am short, but a leg reaches the ground exactly.

You can exchange the position of a handle,and the position of a brake.

I want forty eight, tank color is big blue pearl.

The dealer told me, if I order this type now, might be waiting for two months by the popular color.

Decides after test-riding once again.

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