Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense in Japan.

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Today, explains motorcycle license Training expense of Japan.

In Japan, People can ride on the motorcycle of the displacement volume below 51 cc or more and 400 cc with a medium size motorcycle license.
Moreover, people can ride on a motorcycle of 401 cc or more by large-sized motorcycle license.

In Japan,In order to ride Harley-Davidson, large-sized motorcycle license is required.
Although it is the expense of large-sized motorcycle license, it will become somewhat cheap if the automobile license is acquired beforehand.

It is because traffic training is exempted.
Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) is 26 hours, And traffic training is 1 hour.

And,Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense is about 2100 dollars.
If you ride motorcycle in Japan,Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense not only,but also motorcycle inspection expense, maintenance expense, and a insurance are also required.

1. Automobile inspection expense   About 100,000 yen. Initial registration [three year validity] ,and once in two years henceforth.

2. Voluntary insurance about 25,000 yen in the case aged 30 and over.
When you have no age limit, it is about 70,000 yen.

3. Fuel cost is about 100,000 yen per year. About [ every day 30km ] run.

4. Light vehicle tax is 4000 yen. For one year.

5. Maintenance cost is about 50,000 yen. An oil change, tire exchange, etc.

customizing is more expensive.
However,  In Japan, HarleyDavidson -customizing stores have a lot of parts ,too.
An expensive part and a cheap part can be purchased via the Internet.
Of course, the dealer is also dealing with it.

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