How To Get A Motorcycle License : How to start the engine. The operation method of a brake.

How To Get A Motorcycle License

How to start the engine.  The operation method of a brake.

Today's training is the 3rd hour,and 4th hour.

After the Work, motorcycle training is started from 18:50 and is about 2 hours before 20:40.
The instructor changed from today's training.
It seems that there are about about 5 or 6 instructors in this motorcycle driving school.
From a reservation table, an instructor changes in every 2 hours.
It seems that training which had a margin considerably in order that an entire beginner may also enable it to ride a motorcycle completely.

Instantly,Straddle motorcycle, a key is turned to the position of a start and a starter is turned.

After practicing a little fundamental operation of a clutch or a brake, a motorcycle is actually run.
If it begins to run, it will hardly change to an easy motorbike.

The practice which practices a gear change or stops to a predetermined position is repeated.

I failed many.

By slope start, the fault the engine stop.
I miss winker switch pushing,  The big phon has been sounded to the instructor who is running front of me! hahaha!
Me: I am sorry, it mistook!
Instructor: "don't mind,"
I was panic shamefully.

But there was also a good thing.

Instructor said to me, -- the time of an end -- " You have those with an operation sense. "

The instructor is doing chinning exercises several times by being certainly a top steel frame of the entrance of a motorbike hut after motorcycle training record.

Physical strength is required for operation of a big bike.

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