How To Get A Motorcycle License : How to pick up a motorcycle and How to push a motorcycle.

How To Get A Motorcycle License

1st training.  How to push a motorcycle.

It begins from greeting an instructor.
Then, "Please take out a motorbike from a motorbike hut" is said instantly.
HONDA CB750 is heavy.
pushing motorcycle is so heavy than image.

motorcycle hut.
There is much Honda's motorcycle. and the motorcycle driving school in Japan has purchased the motorcycle made from HONDA in many cases. 

Muscles twitch!
A motorbike is pushed and it moves to a predetermined position.
Since I pushed the motorcycle with a weight of 200 kg for the first time and walked, the breath became painful. If it does not take care about balance on either side, a motorbike will fall.

Harley-Davidson may be so heavy and may be hard to treat.
I was becoming somewhat uneasy.

2nd training How to pick up a motorcycle

How to pick up a fallen motorcycle is very easy.
Physical strength is unnecessary.
Using the principle of the lever, as a leg is stretched, it is raised.

lifting harley↓

Then, Instructors teach me an engine start method and the gear change method.
Today's trainings of all were ended.
I treated large-sized motorcycle for the first time for about 2 hours, I got muscular pain.

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