A middle-aged Japanese man, large-sized motorbike license acquisition

Hello, everyone.
I am the middle age of 46 years old which lives in Japan.
In order to obtain the license of a large-sized motorcycle today, it went into the motorcycle driving school. 
License of the motorbike which it was wanting from a high school student. 
my high school was too near from my house, the school side did not allow the license of the motorcycle. 
A number of years or after ,when I was 18 years old and acquires ordinary motor vehicle license, 
He was busy with marriage, child-rearing, and work, and forgot it a license of motorbike completely. 
A certain year, staff reassignment occur and I moved to its post different from the place which was being committed till last year. 
It was transferred to the heavy post of responsibility,The necessity for stress alleviation was imminent.

It remembered then.    I want to run in Harley-Davidson!
I decided to challenge, [ taking large-sized motorcycle license and riding on Harley-Davidson ].
Although it is such a little dream,I think that the this blog being surely helpful to someone. 
I believed and decided to write this blog.

Please enjoy yourself, although he is poor at my English. 
just, starting!

←The motorcycle driving school in Japan

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